I’ve worked on a few pet projects in my spare time:

  • MagicFS (mafs)
    • Idiomatic python library for quickly creating virtual file systems
  • rngback
    • Random geometric background generator for websites or desktop wallpapers
  • DwarfShell (dwsh)
    • Simple single file shell with a few advanced features such as file redirection and piping
  • terrapin - see it live at
    • Live programming environment in javascript for creating pretty turtle patterns


I also attend hackathons around the UK and try to build cool things in only 24 hours:

  • Hexblock at HackSurrey
    • Immortalizes blockchain data in a 3D printed object
    • Winner of Best use of the GuardTime KSI SDK
  • Rap God at Royal Hackaway
    • Composes raps and performs them over phone calls in response to SMS messages
    • Winner of Best use of the Nexmo API award
    • Winner of Best audio hack award
  • Notendo Tunes at Aston Hack 2018
    • Virtual theremin in the browser controlled by Nintendo Joycons
    • Winner of Best Hack award
  • Kitten Kollector at Hack the Midlands 2018
    • Scavenger hunt organizer web app with kittens


I compete in various CTFs with AFNOM, the hacking club at the University of Birmingham.