So, it’s about been a year since my first blog post… which is odd to think about. I remember getting started and not really knowing what I’d talk about, but I’ve now got a nice eclectic collection of strange posts.

Anyway, I started my blog when I got to university, as a way to talk about what I was doing and all that, but I had no idea that I’d end up doing all the things I’m doing today.

Specifically, I’m now a Developer Student Club Lead, responsible for running it at the University of Birmingham. To say I feel honoured to have been selected to represent the very first wave of these clubs in Europe, is a complete understatement.

The idea of the clubs, essentially, is to try to bridge the divide between the theory taught at university, and the practice needed at an actual company. This is done by running workshops, talks and hackathons and taking part in projects that benefit the local community. This goal really resonated with me when I applied, as I’ve been programming and developing for quite a while before uni, and have improved while at uni, but not directly through classes. It’s instead been the communities of hackers and groups of friends that have taught me more, and made me better at what I do.

Just this last weekend, all of the leads in Europe were invited to Paris to meet with Googlers and to learn about setting up the clubs. We got access to tons of useful material about Google Cloud, Android, Machine Learning and loads more, that we can use to run workshops and talks back at uni. What those sessions will look like - I have no clue exactly, but that’s what I’ve got some time to figure out now.

So, thanks for the last year, and here’s to the next one :)